It’s crazy, but if I have a spare moment, I spend it engulfed in a book or article that attempts to explain the “science” behind yoga (even though yoga is a science in itself), or rather how the Western medicine world believes yoga can heal the body. I have always had an interest in science, as well as teaching -- I have a degree in cognitive neuroscience and hold several teaching credentials. I am a graduate of the Yoga Therapy Rx Program at Loyola Marymount University, where I received my 500-hr instructor and Advanced Yoga Therapist Certificate in August 2013. When I am not teaching yoga, I am a teacher’s assistant at a local elementary school.

I hold a great respect for yoga and its transformative effects on people with all kinds of ailments. I am amazed at how such seemingly simple movements and control of the breath can have such healing qualities, and bring both this curiosity and respect into my teaching. I am especially passionate about teaching yoga to people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, having lived with CFS/ME for the past 18 years myself, and crediting yoga for bringing me out of a wheelchair and enabling me to work again.

I have a long-term goal of heading a research project that measures the effects of yoga on people with chronic fatigue syndrome, and am searching for grant money to fund such an endeavor.

Sometimes yoga is misrepresented as being part of a particular faith. Yoga is more of a philosophical science, one that is nearly 5,000 years old. You do not have to be religious or even spiritual to reap yoga’s benefits. I teach a combination of gentle, Iyengar-influenced Hatha yoga and Viniyoga, with an emphasis on proper alignment, movement coordinated with breath, and helping people to accept unpredictable wellness.

Some of the teachers I continue to study with are Larry Payne, Amy Wheeler, Judith Lasater, Donald Moyer, and Jennifer Sadugor. 

I am a mother of two adult daughters, and can’t believe how little available yoga there is in Sacramento for children and teens. I am currently working on bringing more yoga to younger people, specifically to children with disabilities and/or behavior issues.


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