I saw my psychotherapist after one of my sessions with Simone, and he again stated that he is glad that I was seeing her. He said that I was healing from my anxiety, depression and PTSD; that wasn't really happening until I began working with Simone. I also have lupus, fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy. Because of Simone’s  encouragement, support, and knowledge I was able to trust enough to take the risks I needed to heal. Through my yoga practice, becoming introspective allowed me to tap into and release emotions stuck in the body.  

As I continue to practice the poses she prepares for me and guides me through, I am gaining body awareness that I never experienced before,  and becoming more adept at calming my nervous system and releasing muscle tension. Focusing on myself once seemed to be selfish, a waste of time, and scary. However, I am now discovering that it is helping me become a healthier and happier person, so I am better able to help others.

Simone is talented at what she does, and a remarkable person. Thank you Simone!   ~Peggy

Simone was recommended to me when I developed severe adrenal fatigue.  I contacted her immediately and she was of tremendous help to me from the first phone call, giving me valuable advice about what to do while I waited for my first appointment with her.  She has been an enormous gift during my illness.  First, she has very deep and unique knowledge about recovering from fatigue.  All the multiple tips she gave me about handling my condition really helped me right away to start to take the right actions. There was no other source for the great advice she gave me. Second, her tranquil and helping nature left me feeling much calmer both emotionally and physically every time I saw her.  She also made me feel more confident that I would heal. 

But the over-the-top excellence about Simone was her deep commitment to making her therapy work.  She was as eager for me to recover as I was.  She went way out of her way to help me, for example she drove to my house for appointments during the first three months while I was too sick to go out.  I’m so grateful that I found her and will keep working with her.  I highly, highly recommend Simone.  Her kindness, her full attention to my illness, and her sincere desire to help me made a big difference to me both physically and emotionally.    ~Teri

I came to Simone’s class about 6 weeks after a hip replacement surgery that went very well, but the diagnosis and surgery were delayed so much it affected my entire body.  I came with no expectations except that I had done yoga for several durations of time on and off since college, and appreciated both the physical and spiritual gifts it offered.

I was not disappointed.  In fact, Simone is by far the best yoga instructor I've ever had.  In addition to recovering from surgery and from two years of hardly being able to walk before that, I have fibromyalgia which makes me subject to extreme fatigue if I am not careful.  Both in class and in individual sessions, Simone taught me how to be patient with my body and to listen carefully, without guilt, when I was too tired to keep up with the class and had to assume Savasanna (or just rest for a while).

Simone’s own experience with chronic fatigue syndrome made her especially in tune with my frustrations, but also knew things I could do to ameliorate my general health and avoid certain unhealthy habits, mentally and physically.  She taught me that my recovery was going to take a lot longer than I expected and I learned to slowly adjust to this reality.  The less I fought with my disappointment, the more progress I made.

I will always be in Simone's debt for her gentle and wise care and knowledge.       ~China

I was a reluctant returnee to yoga practice.  I really just wanted to drive my mom to class, rather than have her drive, as she is getting older.  At my first session with Simone, I couldn't even lift my right leg an inch off the floor, and I was embarrassed, frustrated, but determined, that I could do it--eventually!

Simone gently encouraged me, and I saw my strength returning quickly.  Within a few months I knew that yoga practice was good for me and that I enjoyed it, too.  Eventually, I took other classes and started a home practice under Simone's guidance.  It has been five years now, and I truly believe that I will continue with my practice of yoga, especially under the guidance of Simone Palmieri.        ~Susan

I had taken a few yoga classes, but not on a regular basis. After having surgery and then chemo for breast cancer, my joints were sore, I felt stiff and my doctor told me the medicines I am taking tended to deplete the calcium in bones. I decided to get back to yoga and began going every week to Simone's class. I am feeling stronger, more flexible and rarely have stiff joints now. In addition, it's a great stress reliever. I now do 2 additional days of yoga at home each week, using positions Simone suggested for my personal needs. I even took my neighbor to a class and she's also a regular!      ~Marie

I have worked with Simone on and off for several years, and came to the conclusion my mature female body was much happier during the "on" times than in the "off" times.

As my aching knees and hips reminded me, I am not as flexible or as resilient as I once was and need slow, gentle movements and poses. Unlike large studio classes, Simone's smaller group sessions were perfect for me. Simone was always attentive to my particular needs and quick to make modifications and provide additional supports as I needed them. Besides work common to our group, Simone helped me with very specific poses and stretches pre and post hip replacement surgery. I really feel my speedy recovery from surgery was greatly enhanced by the stretches she taught me and continue to practice them on a regular basis.

One last thing, I really loved Simone's restorative class she had on Friday evenings. Although I didn’t always get there, I knew if I went, I would leave in a much better place in mind and body than when I had arrived. It is exactly what it is called - restorative!    ~Judy

Early in 2014, I began attending a gentle yoga class at my gym and while I felt it could be very helpful as part of my wellness plan, there were basic poses that didn’t feel comfortable.  I wasn’t sure if I could physically do it without injury.  I was fortunate to receive a gift of two private yoga sessions with Simone and immediately felt comfortable with her style of providing guidance and feedback.  I have gained tools to use for inflammation, pain, and interrupted sleep.  Simone provides a safe environment to talk about health, fitness, family and challenges.  She has guided me into pain-free positions that provided relief from tight muscles and painful joints. I have continued to see Simone for the last two years, and have been able to assimilate many of her suggestions into my regular routine and lifestyle.  Thank you for your patience and guidance!     ~Wendy

I have severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which in my case includes viral infections and the heart condition POTS.  Simone was sensitive to my body's needs for a very mild approach.  She taught me several simple exercises which I have spent the last year doing.  These help with relaxation, digestion, and a little bit of strengthening.  

In addition, Simone has a wide knowledge of the body's workings, and provided advice on related health topics too.  She is also able to my house because I'm too ill to drive.  All this combined, I would highly recommend Simone as a Yoga instructor!  ~Amy

Simone has been such a help to me!  I came to her class in March of this year because of constant back pain... I have gotten so much better since studying with her!   Her knowledge of therapeutic yoga is extensive and she puts it to good use both in class and in private sessions.  She is a patient, kind teacher who works well with students individually as well as in a group setting.   ~Lin

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