In June of 2007, I attended my eldest daughter’s junior high school graduation in a wheelchair. My chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome had gotten so bad that I couldn’t drive, take care of my children, or go on a long outing without my blood pressure plummeting. In June of 2010, I attended my youngest daughter’s graduation at the same school. Only this time I walked proudly and even energetically up the school’s staircase.

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The health of people with chronic illnesses waxes and wanes for all different reasons. But I believe that my discovery of a dedicated yoga practice had everything to do with my own return to a functional person.

My yoga journey began with a  private lesson, in a simple Savasana--a yoga posture where you lay flat on a yoga mat, and just breathe. Lying there, I was finally able to listen intently to my body’s signals. As I continued to learn and practice yoga during the next year, I began to see vast improvements in my health.

Being a scientist and an empiricist at heart (if it’s not measurable it doesn’t exist), I found myself on an almost urgent quest to find out “how yoga works.” And so I enrolled in the year-long, 200-hour teacher training program at The Yoga Solution in Sacramento, CA. Knowing full well the complexities of my disease (that it wasn’t due to a simple lack of energy), I promised myself that I would withdraw from the program if my health worsened.

But it didn’t. And, delving into the anatomy and preciseness of Iyengar yoga, the more I learned, the more I was determined to help others in situations like my own. There was something about the seemingly simple yoga movements, and the subtle breath work, that was healing a part of my body, as well as my mind.

Today, after becoming a 500-hr registered teacher as well as a certified yoga therapist, and continuing my education through countless yoga seminars and workshops, I cannot say that I am cured of chronic fatigue syndrome. There are still days when I have energy crashes, and times when my brain is so tired that I cannot remember the names of students that I see at least once a week (my students just smile knowingly). But I can say, that my illness no longer defines my fact it enhances it. It allows me to help others in the same or similar circumstances.

I invite you to explore the benefits of yoga with me, and perhaps find some relief of your own pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.


Simone Palmieri

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